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Wild Crafted Natural Dyes Workshop - Cancelled

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on


A workshop on creating your own natural dyes using plant materials found on the land & experimenting with natural mordants!

This workshop will be lead by "Indigenous Plant Diva" Tuy't'tanat- Cease Wyss from the Squamish and Sto:Lo peoples. She has been leading workshops on the land and indoors for close to three decades. This workshop will show the participants how to utilize various natural dyes, mixing in natural mordants such as copper, iron and aluminum as a means to setting these natural dyes into natural fabrics.

The workshops will be taking place at Left Fields, next door to the infamous Crannog Ales in Sorrento.

Supplies and materials needed to participate:
Dried & Fresh Plant materials :
Lichens of various types & colours
Roots(beets and other food items encouraged) herbal routs such as Oregon grape root and other coloured roots
Flowers of various colours :
Calendula, roses are good ones
Bark: various types :

2 Medium size enamel blanching pots (4 quarts)
2-4 Glass jars of various sizes, preferably 1+ litres in size (to store dyes made to bring home)
A 4 quart pot to brew up concoctions for dying
Plain/Raw wool/cotton or other natural fibres to dye
Thread and needles for experimenting with tie dyes

If possible: 1-2 burner hot plates to set up your own dye station on site. (If you can't find one in a thrift store hardware stores have them & they are a worthy investment to future projects)

Please note:
Wear clothing that can get stained & bring comfortable indoor and outdoor footwear as we will be going out yo father a few items prior to getting started and then will be indoors brewing stuff and you may want to wear comfy footwear indoors.

Pots & other items to consider bringing:

Vintage & used pots:
Copper, aluminum

Copper piping
Iron chains

Strange but true:
If you are able to gather and store your own urine in a glass jar, that would be a bonus for your dyes

If you have any difficulty sourcing materials, please contact us right away as we may be able to supply wool, metals, hot plates and so on.

Cost $40 per person

Call David at Left Fields Farm to Register. 250-549-0276

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