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Beer sales

We distribute draught beer all over southern BC in 18.5L and 58.667L kegs. If we don't drive it ourselves, we have two local distributors who will bring the beer to any licensee. Any of our beers are available in any keg size. Prices vary by brand.

Where to get our beer on tap (click here).

We don't deliver to unlicensed locations or private parties outside the Shuswap (our own driving area).

Kegs are available for your special occasion: 10L, 18.5L & 58.667L kegs. These kegs require a tapping system — either a hand pump (available to rent from the brewery) or a gas system. Kegs tapped with a party pump should be used within 3 days. Please call for pump rentals & beer orders. Deposit $100 per keg, fully refundable on return of equipment.

10L kegs = approx 21 pints
18.5L kegs = approx 40 pints
58.667L kegs = approx 125 pints


All our beers are available in growlers! A growler is a 2L jug of beer filled fresh from our taps. Unlike regular bottles, they don't have a long shelf-life and must be kept cold, but they are the best way to take our beer home with you. Our growlers are available pre-filled (so we can get the very best quality for you) at the brewery or at one of the farmers' markets we attend. We also have pipsqueaks (1L growlers).

Party Pigs are GONE

The much-beloved party pig is no more! Due to the manufacturer moving to Europe, we have been unable to continue using Party Pigs since August 2017.  We have now stopped accepting returns of MT pigs for refund, as the expiry date on pigs was 3 months. We accepted pigs for deposit refund until the end of July 2018, 11 full months after the end of the pigs. We will no longer accept pigs for refund.

Accessories available at the brewery only

  Crannóg Ales 16 oz glasses

Denzel's Spicy Stout BBQ Sauce

Denzel's Beer Mustard (Stout, Honey & Thyme)

Beer Soap by Shuswap Suds


Growlers — all our beers are available in growlers. Take our beer home!