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Tours are Friday & Saturday afternoons by appointment

We offer tours by appointment only on Friday and Saturday afternoons throughout the summer, so give us a call or drop us a line and we'll set up a time for you. You must have an appointment to tour the brewery or have a tasting. Please don't just "drop by"!

2020 update: tour space is limited to 6 people total. Masks are required to enter the brewery.

Much as we love you all, we have to brew the beer sometimes, and we cannot have visitors during brewing. Allow us to get our work done so that we have time to show you around!

Tours are free, and take about 45 minutes. T-shirts, glassware, local BBQ sauce, beer mustard and soap (all made with our beers!) are all available for sale during tours.

You can also pick up growlers (a 2L jug) or pipsqueaks (1L) of our freshest beer during your tour. Whatever beers we currently have on tap will be available in growlers, the law of supply and demand permitting. Growlers are $20 each, $15 for refills, and last for up to 2 refrigerated weeks before opening.

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Phone to book your tour: 250-675-6847

Tours & Tastings: Friday/Saturday afternoons only

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