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Crannóg Ales are certified organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized. They have a long shelf life, continuing to mature over 3–4 months. All our ales are available in draught only, in both 18 and 58L kegs. We don't bottle! We do fill growlers - currently all our growlers are 1L and 2L and are available pre-filled on our sales days.

Each batch is made by hand in our ten-hectolitre brewhouse. We use all natural ingredients, eschewing the use of rice, corn or sugars. The basis of every ale is organic malt, hops and water, with special ingredients like fruit or potatoes being added to create our unique and delicious specialty ales. We brew with passion and care — and you can taste that in every glass.

"I have a cultural imperative to brew only ales", says Brian MacIsaac. "Ales are a part of Ireland's history, and we don't often get to taste real Irish ales this side of the pond."

On Tap Only

Crannóg Ales is a draught-only brewery. We are committed to bringing our customers the freshest, best quality ales we can, and on maintaining our personal touch. Providing both home-scale and full-size kegs allows us to meet our customers' needs without sacrificing affordability, quality, or the environment.

We pride ourselves on choosing customers who share our ethical approach. For example, you won't find us on tap at strip/sports bars, but you will find us on tap at restaurants who feature local and seasonal and organic food. While we are on tap at a couple of ski hills, many ski hills in BC are on stolen land, have racist relations with First Nations, and are massively environmentally destructive.

Go here for a list of where to get our beer! Please note that this list changes, so you might want to call first to avoid disappointment.

All our beers are available in growlers, 10L, 18.5L & 58.667L kegs. Please pre-order. Contact the brewery for a price list and special event order form, and for availability of seasonal beers. We do not ship outside BC at all.

Yes we have growler pre-orders and pickups!

Find the beer you want in our list, and you can order online for pickup at the brewery or selected drop points! We have 3 ways to get growlers: at the brewery, farmers markets or our drop off points. Select your option in the shipping point at checkout. Please see our Contact page for all the current details.

Seasonal Ales - seasonal

Helvetti Kyla - Finnish Sahti 5.2%ABV  0 IBU This beer is something special: brewed with rye and fermented with fresh juniper branches, it’s crisp and sharp with aromas of pine,...

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