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PartiGyle - Divide and Quaff

2.8% ABV  35 IBU

PartiGyle starts with a single mash. We then pull the first runnings (the strongest sugar and flavour), boil and ferment them to a high- alcohol Wee Heavy. The second, weaker runnings are fermented separately into a low-alcohol small beer. This second beer was more heavily hopped, and carries the spicy aroma of our indigenous hops as well as a light but complex maltiness. Divide and Conquer (the Wee Heavy) will be available much later this year, as it takes longer to mature. Divide and Quaff(er) is available now!


4.8%ABV  42 IBU

This beer celebrates the resilience we can find when we work together. It's a co-operation brew with Cambium Cider, using Wickson and Golden Russet apple pomace to lend tannins, aroma and sharp vinous notes to a beer bursting with tropical fruity aromas, a full malty backbone and a lacy creamy head. It's been mash hopped and dry hopped for added aromatics and complexity.


We rotate a long list of beers throughout the year. Some we come back to annually (more or less!), some are special occasion beers or ones we make only once in a fit of inspiration!

We also rotate our hoppy beers - look for the Insurrection IPA in summer and early fall, and a changing lineup of maltier beers like ESBs or Bitters throughout the winter.

Ask us about our current seasonal ales - if you don't see it on our store for pre-order, we likely don't currently have it. But we can always tell you what's next so you can sit in eager anticipation.

Some of our favourites:

Pooka Cherry Ale

Rory Gingered Red Ale

Backburner Espresso Stout

Hand Truck Porter

Beyond the Pale Ale

Mac Tir Haskap Ale

Maniacal Jack Squash Ale

Old Puddin' Head Winter Ale

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Order deadline: 3pm the day before

Empty Growlers: Empty growlers MUST be washed and have their caps removed (you can recycle them in metal recycling) or we will not accept them.

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