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Hoppy Beers

Hoppy Beers

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Insurrection IPA

In summer we brew lots of Insurrection!

In honour of our hopyards, this is a proper India Pale Ale at a drinkable alcohol level. A pale amber malt body emphasizes munich and caramel malts, with enough sweetness to hold up the rather large volumes of fresh Cascade, Chinook and Golding hops. Spicy, aromatic, and bitter, this is a quenching and lively beer. Order an Insurrection!

5.4% alcohol/vol. 54BU

Partition Bitter - returning in 2024

Over the winter and early spring, we switch our IPA for a classic British ESB. A bigger malt body gives support to 35IBU bitterness, finished with Challenger hops for a herbal, woody aroma. This is a mellower beer with the spine and bitterness we need for a good spring tonic!

Growler Purchases:

Delivery/Pickup: We have 3 ways to get growlers: at the brewery, farmers markets or our drop off points. Select your option in the shipping point at checkout. Please see our Contact page for all the current details. We do not ship growlers to any other locations.


Order deadline: 3pm the day before

Empty Growlers: Empty growlers MUST be washed and have their caps removed (you can recycle them in metal recycling) or we will not accept them.

If you are returning empty growlers when you pick up your fresh ones, please enter one of the following discount codes on checkout:

MT1 = one empty, clean, lid off growler or pipsqueak

MT2 = two empty, clean, lid off growlers or pipsqueaks

MT3 = three empty, clean, lid off growlers or pipsqueaks

* got more growlers to return? Let us know in the comments section of your order or bring them with you for a refund online or in cash (your preference).

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