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The season has turned - new swag and beer!

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

Frost is coming.

Those are words to strike fear into the hearts of gardeners in the north. Fortunately, we have a wonderful community who step in to help in times of need. Our squash is safely tucked into the barn to cure, along with the fall crop of storage onions, our coriander seed (mmmm, Old Puddin' Head beer!), and the dry beans, peppers and cucumbers are next on the list. We've picked and pressed most of the apples for cider and juice, and the hops harvest is finished (well, almost, we're still drying and packing the hops).

With all the bounty, our attention has turned to fall-themed beers. First up is a fresh batch of the lovely Auntie Fa/anti-fascist brown ale, available this weekend and continuing for the fall.

Next will be the Maniacal Jack squash ale - made with Red Kuri squash for maximum flavour and sugar, this beer is fermented with the squash and finished with a spice collection for a definite winter squash flavour and a very delicate spice note of cinnamon and mace. Unlike many pumpkin beers, this is not the overdose version!

Come see us at the Great Spallumcheen Food and Farm Festival Sept 29 at Fieldstone Organics in Armstrong, or at our regular farmers' markets, or pop by the brewery for your growlers.

And finally, yes, we have new swag! We have beautiful gold and black sew-on patches to beautify any of your outfits - 2x4" make them perfect for toques, vests or jackets, pantlegs or anywhere else.

Long sleeve shirts are also in stock, with the Backhand of God design just like the t-shirts, but with 3 harps down each sleeve. These are made by the same company that makes our tees, so they are organic cotton, union made in Canada. They wear very well, super comfy and long lasting.

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