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Maniacal Jack is back! (and market news)

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

Maniacal Jack is Back!

Yes, the pumpkin-headed beer-drinking punk is back for October, and he's in growlers. Come get the Maniacal Jack squash ale in pipsqueaks and growlers starting Wednesday at the All Organic Farmers' Market in Salmon Arm, at the brewery, or at the Sorrento Village Farmers Market on Saturday. We'll also be bringing Jack to the Enderby Open Air Farmers Market on Friday. Goes great with both turkey and pumpkin pie!

And for those who like tasting notes: Jack is a light orange ale with notes of sweet rich squash, grainy toast and caramel, topped with delicate aromas of cinnamon and mace. This beer is not overpowering - despite Jack's rather fearsome looks, he's an excellent dinner and dessert companion. We think he's the perfect segue between dinner and before the pie - a digestif, if you will.

Market news

October 12 is the last Sorrento Village Farmers' Market of the season. The brewery will be open our full hours (Thurs - Saturday, 9:00 - 4:30) starting Oct 17, so you'll be able to pop by the brewery on Saturday mornings instead of coming to the market.

October 18 is our first Enderby Market of the winter! This market runs Fridays from 10:00-2:00 indoors at the Splatsin Centre in Enderby, and we'll be there from October 18 through Christmas.

And we will be at the Wednesday All Organic Market in Salmon Arm only until October 30. We will NOT be at this market in the winter - visit us at the brewery or at the Enderby market, or give us a call for special arrangements!

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