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Hops rhizomes, paper twine, paper mulch available

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

The hops are coming up quickly, it's time to get your rhizomes and everything else you need for the spring. Twine and paper mulch are available - both useful not just in the hopyard but in the garden as well.

Hops Twine


Untreated 19' length paper twine with a 300 lb break test, allowed in organic production. Also useful for tomato or cucumber twine. Composts easily at the end of the year.

Available in counts from 2-thousands. Prices break at 100, 300 or more than 300. Shipping is available, please contact us directly for info.

 Paper Mulch

We have rolls of paper mulch, which we use for hops, squash, other cucurbitae, brassicas, tomatoes etc. Anything you need to mulch that grows in single crops rather than rows.

Rolls are untreated kraft paper, 4x400'. Can be used in organic production. We use paper mulch in the hopyards every year, and there's usually almost nothing left in the yard come spring cleanup time. We also use it in our vegetable gardens, it's great! Biodegrades over winter in wetter climates, can be composted before next planting. Unlike plastic mulch, paper mulch lets air through, which leads to better soil health.

$100 per roll picked up at the farm. Shipping very expensive, the rolls are heavy! Best come here. May be able to deliver if you're close. No price breaks, this is our cost.

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