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Auntie Fa is back!

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

It's great to have this beer back again, but shameful that the world still needs to be reminded.

Growlers and Pipsqueaks of Auntie Fa, our brown ale in honour of anti-fascist action, are available starting this week. Weirdly, this is one of our most subtle beers, with a lovely toasty malt profile and a light hop finish. Super drinkable, guaranteed to get great political discussions started.

Talk politics! Have a beer! Then remember that fire next time you're in the lineup at the grocery store and you hear a rascist comment, and call it out. Don't let folks get abused, stand up against injustice.

Growlers will be available starting this week at the brewery, and at the All-Organic Farmers' Market in Salmon Arm on Wednesday 2:30 - 5:00 (uptown Askews), and the Sorrento Village Farmers' Market on Saturday morning.

Auntie Fa will be on tap next week at Nevados in Fernie BC, and soon at the Victoria Event Centre in our provincial capital. Ask for it at your local!

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