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Hops resources

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

With the season for making big decisions about hops upon us, here's some interesting resources which may help you figure out what to buy and how to determine your cost of production and capital costs.

Persephone Brewing has done some good research - find it here.

Ontario's Ministry of Ag has a whole section on hops production, we wonder why the BC Ministry hasn't caught up? OMAFRA's page links to lots of other information sources as well.

We couldn't do this without mentioning our own manual.... shameless plug!

Brewers Association (US) Cost of hops production (please note that this is an American document, and all prices are for conventional hops in the contract market, in US$)

USA Hop Growers have a bunch of useful tools here for estimating costs on different size acreages.

Michigan State University has a great little paper with charts for figuring out trellising costs.

And of course, there are lots of other great resources on our Farm & Hops page in our website. If you're looking for particular information, contact us, maybe we can help direct your research!

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