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Hide tanning workshop in June

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

June 12-14, 2022

We are very very excited to be hosting this workshop on mineral tanning sheepskins at the farm. It's a three day process, with all materials (including one of our own lovely lamb skins) included. It's another step in completing the cycle of life and integration, building skills and community.

Mara Cur of Fern + Roe will be our teacher - when you follow the registration link you can see her breadth of experience, and all the amazing opportunities for learning from Fern + Roe.

We hope you will be able to join us - there's a cap on the number of registrants, so please do meet the deadline. The price ($385) gives you both education and a hide that would cost almost the registration fee... so it's a great deal.

Follow the link to register and get all the information.

Fern+Roe Tanning Workshop

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