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Auntie Fa Brown Ale

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4.8%, 20 IBU

This nutty, mild brown ale has a lovely toasty finish and round caramel malt body. It's clean, well-crafted and totally drinkable. Toast and malt on the nose, with just enough hops to make it interesting.

This beer was inspired by the recent upsurge in far-right activities throughout North America, and by the increasing normalization of toxic extremism. We love beer, and lots of other things (including social justice, equality and other typically Canadian values) - but we're not so much fans of the far-right.

This beer started in 2017 as a proud cooperation between two staunchly Anti-Racist, Anti-Facist, pro-social justice breweries who are unapologetically political: Crannóg Ales and Boundary Brewing Co.

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Delivery/Pickup: We have 3 ways to get growlers: at the brewery, farmers markets or our drop off points. Select your option in the shipping point at checkout. Please see our Contact page for all the current details. We do not ship growlers to any other locations.

Order deadline: 3pm the day before

Empty Growlers: Empty growlers MUST be washed and have their caps removed (you can recycle them in metal recycling) or we will not accept them.

If you are returning empty growlers when you pick up your fresh ones, please enter one of the following discount codes on checkout:

MT1 = one empty, clean, lid off growler or pipsqueak

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...and so on.

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