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The Silver Dynamo is Gone

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that our much-loved and indispensable Greg Darling, driver and brew-hand for 15 years, has died.

Greg joined us on April 1, 2006. He came up from Vancouver to see how he liked it and somehow never left. You will all remember his indefatigable energy at festivals and delivering beer, and his pride in being such a critical part of the Crannóg team.

Greg's long friendship with Brian in particular was evident in their shared love of punk rock, art and DIY. In Vancouver, Greg always did high-energy things, from being a bike courier (fearless!) to running a couple of after-hours clubs. Greg was always up for a big team job, and made sure all the details were taken care of both daily and at every event. His energy and joy at events kept us all happy, and he was always up for the after-party too.

Many of you will remember Greg from events at the brewery - stage-diving from our 4" stage at a DOA show, belting it out along with the band and dancing like a demon. Always dancing! On top of that, Greg made sure our long table dinners were served with grace and style, and made sure to always look absolutely smashing.

We will miss Greg's sense of humour, his commitment, and his care. We'll miss his willingness to pitch in and get stuff done, and his high spirits for every festival and event. And his love of kitties. We will miss Greg every day.

There is a memorial fund for Greg's partner, Debra Wheatley. can be left at the brewery.


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