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Support in times of fear

Posted by Bold Apps on

Speculation and fear are rampant at this time, yet we all must continue to support each other. We would like to take this moment to assure you that we here are acting with appropriate caution to protect our health and yours.

Yes, it is safe to come to the brewery and buy your beer. We won't hug you, though Cormac our dog might give you an intimate sniff. We have always swapped out your empty growlers for full ones, allowing us to clean and sanitize your growlers properly before they are filled. We will continue to do this! We do ask that you PLEASE wash your growlers before returning them, and recycle the caps. Letting the growler be clean and dry is a great preventative.

The bulk of our business is selling beer through pubs and restaurants. Everyone in the hospitality industry is going to be seriously affected by widespread self-isolation - so please do your best to support us by buying growlers! You don't have to go the the liquor store with loads of people passing through, you can come to a nice isolated farm and get some fresh air (and beer) instead. The farm is still snowy and beautiful!

Love each other well, and we'll get through this together (yet oddly separated!)

Brian, Rebecca, Greg and Lucas

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