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Sockeye Ale - available NOW

Posted by Rebecca Kneen on

Our seasonal Sockeye Ale is now available! In growlers, party pigs and kegs, it's ready to enjoy. The Sockeye is named in honour of the Adams River sockeye salmon spawning grounds, and features our own indigenous hop variety - named Sockeye! Just as the salmon run revitalizes BC's ecosystems, the Sockeye hop revitalizes palates dulled by the same old hop profiles. It departs from the citrus aroma of so many IPAs, bringing instead a prominent bitterness with a deliciously spicy, slightly herbal and fruity aroma backed by a complex, rich malt body.

Come to the brewery for growlers during our usual hours, pick up a party pig at the Hideaway Liquor Store in Salmon Arm or the Lighthouse Market in Sorrento, or head over to your favourite bar and make demands. We will also have growlers of the Sockeye at the All-Organic Market in Salmon Arm on November 30.


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