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Party Pigs are Dead!

Posted by Bold Apps on

Sad to say, the party pig has met its demise.

As of August 2017, we have been unable to fill party pigs. The manufacturer moved to Europe, meaning that we can no longer get parts (including the bit which had to be replaced every use).

We have increased our growler sales, and have introduced a small 10L keg in an effort to partially replace the party pigs. Nothing is quite the same, and we continue to seek alternatives which will allow the constant pour for a longer time like the piggies, but we've not found a good alternative yet.

As of May 2018, we have completely stopped accepting party pigs back for refund of the damage deposit. All we can do with party pigs at this point is to trash them, as our recycling centre will no longer accept them from us either. We are sad!

Party pigs had a shelf life of 3 months, and any pig returned more than 6 months after purchase had to be trashed, as the components become un-cleanable at that point. We honoured damage deposits for as long as possible, allowing people to return pigs well over 1 or even 2 years old, even though they are essentially useless. The damage deposit was meant to encourage people to bring back their piggies before they became garbage, but was unfortunately not always seen that way.

We hope to see you at the farmers' markets or the brewery for growlers or keg rentals!

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