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Farmers Markets start summer schedule

Posted by Bold Apps on

Sorrento Farmers Market and All-Organic Market weekly

We'll be bringing beer to two farmers markets this summer! Bring your empty growlers to swap for full ones, pick up special orders, or taste and buy our newest summer seasonal ales. We don't fill growlers at the markets, we have pre-filled growlers only. Come to our stall for beer and visit our farm stall (Left Fields) for bread, veggies, spices, preservers and syrups all made from our own produce!

Wednesdays from 3-5 PM at the All-Organic Market in Salmon Arm, in the parking lot of the uptown Askews.

Saturdays from 9-12:00 (the market opens at 8) at the Sorrento Village Farmers Market in front of the Credit Union in Sorrento. Start with our farm stall then get your beer!

From May to October, we'll be at both these markets. Come October, we'll be at the All-Organic Market every 2 weeks, as the schedule shifts and the Sorrento Market closes for the season.

We'll have growlers available at the brewery too! Thurs/Fri 8:30 - 4:30, Saturday 12-4:30 (we're closed in the morning because we're at the Market).

Tours start on Friday May 13, turning a day of ill-omen into good news! Book ahead for our free 45 minute farm/brewery tours, offered Friday/Saturday afternoons only. Phone the brewery to book!

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