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Zatecki Cerveni Hops Plugs (bulk)

Zatecki Cerveni Hops Plugs (bulk)

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Available in BULK ONLY (total order must be a multiple of 84).

Alpha 3-6% (aroma) Zatecki Cerveni translates to Saazer Red, or Saaz semi-early red bine. It is a heartier clone originating from traditional Saaz plants of that region in the Czech Republic. This Zatecki Cerveni genetic stock has been cleaned of known viruses and viroids to ensure a hardier growth habit with higher yields and better defense against diseases.  ZC hops display similar fine aroma qualities as the familiar Saazer hop, typified by higher farnecene and lower myrcene oil levels. Moderate to tolerant powdery mildew resistance, and moderate downy mildew resistance. 

Available in bulk as 50P plugs, tissue-cultured from disease-free stock. They are NOT certified organic, but follow IPM practices. They are shipped well-rooted and ready for planting, and will require irrigation.

Plants will be ready in April or May for spring planting, from an Ontario nursery. Will require transshipment from Sorrento or pickup from our farm.

Available in bulk only. Total order must be over 84 items.

These ship as live plants, extra shipping is required. You will be contacted prior to shipment with the extra shipping fee.

For smaller amounts, please consider purchasing rhizomes, or contact us directly to see if we have extras for pick up at the farm. Plants are shipped in multiples of 21 only - you may combine several varieties to make up 21 total.


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