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Fuggle Hops Rhizomes

Fuggle Hops Rhizomes

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Alpha 4-5% (Aroma)

Traditional English type, widely used in milds, bitters, Irish Ales. Delicate aroma is also great for lighter ales.

Aroma: mild, woody, fruity.

Agronomy: Early maturity, excellent resistance to downy mildew. Loves cool summers, not a fan of excessive heat. Nice neat growth habit, easy picking, and somewhat low yield (900-1100 lb/ac).

Storage: very good storage stability

Hop rhizome

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This purchase is for Fuggle Hops Rhizomes at $6.50 each that you can plant.Hops Rhizomes are sections of the plant's underground stem which put out both sprouts and roots. We ensure that there are at least two bud nodes per rhizome we ship. They are shipped bare-root, packed in moist peat moss to preserve viability. Ideally, hops rhizomes should look very dormant when they arrive, or with only very small shoots visible - this ensures that all their energy is waiting for them to get in the ground.

We offer the following discount codes for bulk orders of hops rhizomes only. (combined total of all varieties). Enter the code when you checkout.

Quantity Discount Code
50-99 5% B50
100-199 10% B100
200-399 22% B200
400 + 35% B400

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