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Old World Ales

Crannóg Ales are certified organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized. They have a long shelf life, continuing to mature over 3–4 months. All our ales are available in draught only, in both 18 and 58L kegs.

Each batch is made by hand in our ten-hectolitre brewhouse. We use all natural ingredients, eschewing the use of rice, corn or sugars. The basis of every ale is organic malt, hops and water, with special ingredients like fruit or potatoes being added to create our unique and delicious specialty ales. We brew with passion and care — and you can taste that in every glass.

"I have a cultural imperative to brew only ales", says Brian MacIsaac. "Ales are a part of Ireland's history, and we don't often get to taste real Irish ales this side of the pond."

Draught Only

Crannóg Ales is a draught-only brewery. We are committed to bringing our customers the freshest, best quality ales we can, and on maintaining our personal touch. Providing both home-scale and full-size kegs allows us to meet our customers' needs without sacrificing affordability, quality, or the environment.

Go here for a list of where to get our beer! Please note that this list changes, so you might want to call first to avoid disappointment.

All our beers are available in 18.5L kegs, 58.667L kegs, and 8.5L Party Pigs. Please pre-order. Contact the brewery for a price list and special event order form, and for availability of seasonal beers.

Hops Insurrection IPA

In honour of our hopyards, this is a proper India Pale Ale at a drinkable alcohol level. A pale amber malt body emphasizes munich and caramel malts, with enough sweetness to hold up the rather large volumes of fresh Cascade and Golding hops. Spicy, aromatic, and bitter, this is a quenching and lively beer. Order an Insurrection!

5.4% alcohol/vol. 54BU

Red Branch Irish Ale

A rich, red ale in the Irish tradition, this ale glows from the addition of caramel and chocolate malts, with a delicate aroma of Pacific Gem and Fuggles hops. The name refers to a group of heroes in pre-Christian Ireland who fought for the O'Neill clan in Ulster.

5.1% alcohol/vol. 22BU

Back Hand of God Stout

Lean in body and powerful in flavour, Back Hand of God Stout has won many consumers' choice awards. This dry stout is easy to drink, rich and inviting. It is extraordinarily smooth and mildly hopped with a distinct coffee/chocolate presence.

1st place "Best Beer" at the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale, 2000 and 2007; At the Hops, 2000 and 2001; and "Best Organic Alcoholic Beverage" at the Organic Harvest Awards, 2005

5.2% alcohol/vol. 18BU

Druid Gael's Blood Potato Ale

This rich Irish red ale is made with organic potatoes for an exceptionally smooth, rich body. It is extraordinarily rich in malt flavour, with just the right amount of hop finish. It's an immigrant ale, uniting the staple food of Ireland with plenty of new world hops. (Formerly known as "Hell's Kitchen".)

"Best Beer" at the Okanagan Fest-of-Ales 2005; and "Best organic Alcoholic Beverage" at the Organic Harvest Awards, 2006.

5.2% alcohol/vol. 48BU

Look for our special seasonal ales using local ingredients:
Pooka Cherry Image Pooka Cherry Ale

Our bumper crop of cherries in 2002 brought about our debut Pooka Cherry Ale. We have followed this every year with a new version of cherry ale, always using only our own Bing-type cherries. Pooka is a lightly-hopped ale stuffed with fresh cherries — it has a wonderful pink head, a delicious cherry aroma, and an almost wine-like finish. This beer usually sells out in two weeks — so keep your eyes peeled for it next year, and watch this site for the lucky locations which will get to serve it. Available about 2 weeks after our cherry harvest, which means early August. Sells out in 2 weeks. Don't ask for it in January!


Old Puddin' Head

A winter ale — around 8.5% alc. by volume, with a big malty body and generous spicing. Look for spicy hops, coriander, bitter orange, mace and plenty of chocolate and caramel malt. Perfect for apr̬s ski (or sauna), or next to the woodstove. This is a slightly sweet winter warmer, which sells out quickly.

Hand Truck Porter

Because it's often surprisingly cold in spring, a nice warm Porter is just the ticket. Huge black malts celebrate the art of roasting, with a complex blend of chocolate and caramel malts. Dry, roasty, and full of flavour, it's what you need when stevedoring, digging hops rhizomes, or breaking out of the winter shell.

Beyond the Pale Ale

A robust and flavourful ale, with the aromas of Goldings and Pacific Gem hops and a firm, malty body with an exceptionally clean finish. This ale is very similar to a Northern bitter in balance and palate. The name comes from the time when the English settlers lived mostly in Dublin, in an area called "The Pale". The area outside the Pale was where the Irish lived... hence the phrase "beyond the pale".


Cask Ales:

Yes, we make cask ales! Our casks are available whenever and wherever we can arrange delivery. In practice, this means sporadically in the Lower Mainland, more frequently in the Interior. Every cask is different, and even repeat styles change somewhat.

Cask beers are fermented directly in the vessel from which they are served. This creates a softer carbonation (arising solely from fermentation) and more subtle flavours. Casks are served on a gravity pour, without the addition of CO2 to push the beer. This means that the beer is open to air, and goes stale very quickly. Casks are a celebration of freshness! In most cases, the point of cask beers is that the beer has not been filtered, pasteurized, or force-carbonated, so that the beer remains a living organism. In our case, our beers are not all that different in kegged form since we don't pasteurize or filter. However, we embrace casks for the opportunity to explore new recipes, flavours and techniques.

Some of our past Casks:

Bansidhe Ale

December 2001 saw the debut of Bansidhe Ale (pronounced Bannsh̩e), an un-hopped fruit ale made with our farm-grown raspberries, plums and crabapples. This ale was triple-fermented and cask-conditioned, and was available at the Great Canadian Beer Festival, held every winter in Victoria BC. This beer undergoes some transformations every time we do it - in 2002, it contained plums, crabapples and black currants, for a lighter ale with a mild cassis overtone.


Created for Spinnakers' cask festival 2010, this cask focussed on crabapple cider blended with cherry ale and a touch of mead. It was a softer scrumpy, with massive apple flavour and a fruity undertone.

The Earth

Created for St Augustine's in 2010, this was a root cellar ale: a combination of potato ale, cherry ale and carrot juice for a fruity, earthy, slightly sweet and very malty brew.

Red Currant Ale

Bracing, tart, sweet and gloriously pink, it's the very best of summer in a glass. Small amounts of this beer have found their way to special celebrations, but we drink a lot of it ourselves. Sorry.

Regularly casked beers: Red Branch Irish Ale, Hand Truck Porter, Bogtrotter Brown Ale, Gael's Blood, Insurrection Pale Ale.

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